Repairing Defective Historic Timbers

Course Overview

This course aims to provide a conservation based understanding of the repair of defective historic timbers.

Learning Objectives

• The principles of repair as applied to historic timber frames
• Timber repairs using scarf joints and mortise and tenon repairs
• The use of metal repairs such as flitch plates and brackets
• The appropriateness of resin based repairs in historic timber
• Structural support systems for defective timbers.

Who is the Course For?

This particular course is suitable for anyone interested the repair principles of historic timbers and the specification of appropriate remedial measures.

Further Information

The specific dates and costs are available on the course timetable on the website. Each course will run with between 5 and 15 students. Bespoke courses for organisations can also be arranged upon request.


Apply either via the website, email or telephone to book a place.

Clothing and PPE

Please bring overalls or suitable working clothes and safety footwear. Gloves and goggles will be provided during the course.

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