The North West’s Heritage buildings and monuments are important to us all. Just stop for a minute and look around! These beautiful buildings and monuments give us a regional identity, and some of them have worldwide recognition.
The correct conservation, maintenance, repair, restoration of these buildings and monuments is essential for their survival. To achieve this requires a fully trained and skilled workforce utilizing modern skills. The new Heritage Skills Academy is committed to increasing the numbers of crafts people available, from all walks of life by offering the best training possible.
Skills will be taught using first class professional tradespersons. Enabling those persons trained, to gain specialist knowledge and skill of each trade, through a hands-on approach of flexible learning. Our approach to training will go a long way in meeting the need for; sustainability, conservation, regeneration, & energy efficiency, using a local workforce irrespective of who you are, or what you do, gender or disability. In meeting the needs of the buildings and changing environment of the future.

Mike Lea BSc (Hons) MRICS, ICIOB, MBEng
(Founder & Managing Director)

We are proud to be different in our approach to meeting the individual’s choice of what particular skills they need to try and of course become good at (Whether professional or layperson). Some of these skills have sadly declined over the years. However, with the right training, the skills required to work on these types of traditional buildings & monuments, will be revived, using traditional materials, in order to conserve such buildings so that they are put back into use, for the benefit of the whole community.
Hope you can join us in the near future
Mike Lea